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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why do we need Tort Law? What purposes does it serve, and could those purposes be equally or better served in?

(Why do we need Tort law)  Tort law is simply civil law as opposed to criminal law which is always enforced by a government entity. Without tort law there would be no system for redress of wrongs committed by one person against another or others which fell outside the realm of criminal sanctions specified by code or statutes. Tort law in our system has evolved from the old English common law system carried to our country by settlers originating from England. Court of Equity and arbitration are two forms of potential resolution of torts committed against a party or parties that are separate from the actual filing and prosecution of a lawsuit due to actions of alleged tort fears. Classic examples of instances handled under tort law would be automobile accidents or a personal injury caused by someone's negligence. Hope that helps a little.