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Monday, November 12, 2012

Definition of Constitution

A constitution reflected the ritues of the citizen. A modern state cannot be thought without constitution. Constitution has defined by different way.

Definition of Constitution
         1.   Aristotle define a constitution as “The way of life, the state has chosen for it self”
         2.   According to Lord Bryce “Constitution is aggregate of law and custom under which the life of stage goes on”
         3.   According to C.F Strong “A constitution may be said to be a collection of principle according to which power of government, the right of the governed and the relation between two are adjust ”
         4.    K.C  Wheare & Hood Phillips defined constitution as “The term constitution is used to denote all written and unwritten principles regulating the administration of the state ”

So constitution is a body of rules written or unwritten which determine the organization of the state and relation between the government and governed.