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Monday, November 12, 2012

Features of the Parliamentary Supremacy

Supremacy or Sovereignty:
Two type supremacy or sovereignty is found in different countries. One is parliamentary and other is constitutional supremacy.

Parliamentary Supremacy
The term parliamentary supremacy means that, parliament has supreme power over the constitution. It also called legislative supremacy. Parliament is legislature of the country and exercises an unlimited power to making or modifying law.

What are the parliament say or passed that is final law over any other law, because it has unlimited procedure. The parliament is only possible when the constitution is unwritten or flexible.

Features of the Parliamentary Supremacy:
Some intrinsic features of the parliamentary supremacy are given below:-
     Ø  The condition of the parliamentary supremacy is that, the constitution must unwritten and flexible.
     Ø  In parliamentary supremacy, there is no distinction between constitutional law and ordinary law.
     Ø  There is no judicial review.
     Ø  There is no authority, court or branch which can declare any law passed by the parliament void or illegal.
     Ø  There is no law which parliament can’t modify or change.
     Ø  Parliament is legislature of the country and exercises unlimited power in making or modifying law.

Example country:          United Kingdom, Spain and Newzilad has parliamentary supremacy.

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