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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Legal Condition of Slave

The Legal Condition of Slave :

According to jus civile a slave was a res (property) or chattels and not a Person. Slave were sold an a open-market a large portion of the wealth of the Romans consisted of slave. They were under the power of their owner or master. who had absolute or supreme control of their life, their industry, and their labor and a slave cannot make any property which slave are acquired belonged to their master.

The owner or master transfer slave like his property, goods, or like as a chattels by sale, gift or legacy to any one he pleased.

The slave had no political or civil right. they were neither legally bound by any obligation nor could they bind others. the owner or master has the absolute power of the life and death over the slave. the power of the owner or master over his slave was spoken of as the dominica potestas.