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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The object of Specific Relief Act 1877.

The real object of giving specific relief is to protect some civil right of a person or to protect wrong being done to him. Specific relief would be granted if this is the object of the suitor. But it would not be granted, if the sole object and result of the specific relief claimed is the enforcing of penal law. This Act does not restrict a person’s remedies. It provides for equitable remedies. A person is not bound to sue for a particular relief. It is for the party himself to choose whether he may ask for specific performance or mere damages.

Therefore, in case of breach of contract, if the remedies provided by monetary compensation is not adequate and there is not possible to determine the slandered of damages. Specific relief will be granted in order to ensure the ends of justice. This is the sole object of Specific Relief Act, 1877. And this Act extends to the whole of Bangladesh.

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