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Monday, November 12, 2012

Short note: The concepts of state

Short note: The concepts of state:
State is a community of persons. State vary is shapes, size, culture and forms of government.

Elements of state:
All state process four element people, territory government and sovereignty.
1.       People:
People and population are the inhabitants of the state. Who is vested political power for political purpose. There is no specific number of people required in order that a state is considered as one.
2.       Territory:
Territory is fixed area of surface of the earth where the inhabitants of a state live and where they maintain a government.
3.       Government:
Government is the institution of aggregate of institution by which and independent society makes and carries out those rules of action which are necessary to enable men to live in a social state
4.       Sovereignty:
Sovereignty is referred to as supreme and absolute power by which any state is governed. Sovereignty is capacity to enter into relation with other state. This is often called as independence.