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Monday, November 12, 2012

Significance of the Preamble

Significance of the Preamble
The preamble is a part of the constitution. But it’s not necessarily or operative part of the constitution. And the court cannot enforce it directly. But it has others significances. Some of them given below

       1.       Preamble indicates the moral basis, philosophy and moral philosophy of the constitution.
       2.       Preamble works as a guiding stars of the constitution for whole nation and government take it as a “Pole Star”
       3.       Preamble identifies the legal source or base of the constitution.
       4.       Preamble lays down the most important national goals. Such as Democracy, Socialism, Secularism etc.
   5.     When any operative part of the constitution is ambiguous the preamble can be resorted to clarify that part.